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I don’t like to live my life blaming something, someone, some situation as the reason why I’m not happy. Because more than anything, happiness is a choice. Besides that, happiness is not the only thing that matters. There is always much more to life than we can imagine

Living is all that is to the alive

Information overload is just a term, a good term in my opinion that enables us to start a conversation. The challenge of living is to take action. When we care enough to live a mark, the world changes. This is a fact

Everybody who uses the term «information overload», should think about how they are affected by it and what they are going to do next. If you don’t like advertisements, don’t subscribe for TV. Find other ways to find and enjoy content. If you think living in a big city is the reason you are continuously unhappy, you should consider and think about leaving the city. It does not mean you should decide to leave, but thinking is an invitation to realize life as is


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